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“Ceramics” is a significant initiative to promote recognition, appreciation and respect for artistic expressions from the Brazilian northeast, highlighting their contributions to the formation of Brazil's cultural heritage.

By presenting cultural diversity and the richness of traditions, the artist provides a unique opportunity for learning, awareness and intercultural dialogue, respect for our roots, understanding our past and valuing our history, reaffirming and bringing value to elements of regional and national culture.

The Northeast region of Brazil has a rich tradition in ceramic production, with unique techniques and styles that reflect the history and culture of the region. Northeastern ceramics are recognized for their diversity of shapes, vibrant colors and elaborate decorative patterns. "Ceramics" is an immersion in the rich culture of ceramics and artistic production in the Brazilian Northeast region. Through the works, the exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to explore the diversity, beauty and symbolic meanings of these artistic expressions.

Cerâmicas, 08 de junho a 07 de julho de 2024. Pinacoteca "Diógenes Duarte Paes" R. Barão de Jundiaí, 109 - Jundiaí - SP

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