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Using a symbol of struggle and reference that is the Brazilian woman, the sample "Tropical Ethnicity" brings delicate lines and vibrant colors making use of graffiti techniques, in order to represent the characteristics of the Brazilian woman.


In most of his graffiti works on the streets, Vulgoxis portrays these figures so important to our society, women fought for their rights and to get their space, graffiti in turn also had to fight to be recognized and have its space, the combination of using graffiti techniques to represent the figure of the Brazilian woman goes beyond art, it brings a story of great strength and overcoming.


Tropical Ethnicity, Dec 05, 2019 - Jan 05, 2020, Pinacoteca "Diógenes Duarte Paes" R. Barão de Jundiaí, 109 - Jundiaí - SP

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