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Vulgoxis is a visual artist and, through interventions on the streets and in public spaces, Vulgoxis developed a distinct way of communicating, through art the artist found a way to express himself and communicate with the people of the megacity of São Paulo. With elements and references from Brazilian popular culture, the artist discusses our roots, understanding our past and valuing our history, reaffirming and bringing value to elements that are undervalued.


In his paintings he produces figurative images, with popular, conceptual, religious elements, mixing these elements with shapes and patterns that bring indigenous influences, carrying a contemporary sense.


Painting has been his greatest production, but elements such as sculpture emerge bringing a three-dimensionality that dialogues with issues related to miscegenation and contemporary slavery, mixing colors and different types of materials, which are symbolically linked to Brazilian cultural, religious and popular history. , becoming an art with the characteristic of the artist and in constant evolution, with the use of other references and diverse influences.


Passionate about art, people and everything that makes them unique and involves them, the artist united all of this under his artistic vision, bringing more recent works where poetry connects situations from the past with the present, directing us to reflections and questions.

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